What sound system do you use?

We have several system available and it all depends on the venue and the number of guests. For smaller events (less than 125), we often will use a Bose L1 sound system. It's extremely compact and virtually disappears into the room. The results are nothing short of amazing. It disperses sound evenly, all around the room, and does an amazing job in practically all venues. The sound is crisp, clean and ultra-clear (better than most home Hi-Fi systems) and won't hurt yours ears the way many traditional sound systems will do. Our older guests especially appreciate this. The speaker array is virtually invisible and just melts into any room setting. The Bose L1 is nothing short of amazing and yes, it makes a huge difference that your guests will notice. For larger events, we often use QSC K10 active tops paired with Yorkville LS801p sub-woofers. This setup produces an earth-rumbling 5,000 watts of dance-floor-moving power. In addition, we also have several other types of speakers including wireless units for when we need a distributed sound system.

On sound systems, the choice of which system to use is dictated by the size of the room(s) and the number of guests in attendance. The general rule of thumb is that we choose a system that has roughly twice as much power as is needed for the job. The idea is not to overwhelm your guests with volume, but to be able to effectively cover the event without having to push the system to its limits. Our standard system is capable of 800 guests in a 6,000 square foot room. We also have wireless speakers, which can be used for distributed sound (multiple rooms/zones) across a wide area.