What kinds of music do you provide?

Everything. We have an extensive catalog of DJ material, including everything from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, up to current Top 40 hits and in every genre. We have a professional DJ subscription service that supplies us with the latest major-label releases, usually 3-4 months before they hit radio stations (all radio-ready, clean versions). In addition, we are able to hot-download practically anything your guests may want. The online catalog currently has over 9 million songs available. All of our music is "family friendly" and we do regularly DJ at various Elementary through High school events.

In addition to American-styled music, we also have experience with many different genres and nationality of music; Latino, Ethiopian, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, French, European, Austrian, Argentina, etc. We are heavily experienced at multi-cultural events, and know exactly how to effectively blend styles and genres from multiple cultural backgrounds.