What is Uplighting and what is included in an Uplighting package?

For those who may not be familiar with it, this is all the rage in higher-end events and will really make a room "pop". We have an assortment of programmable, LED par can fixtures. We usually arrange these along the walls, or light columns in the room. This bathes your venue in rich, gorgeous colors that make practically any room go from ordinary to extra When the cans are synced together, it lights the entire room in a gorgeous and dazzling display of colors. This is highly recommended for evening events.

The average event setup contains 20 LED Par cans. For events of less than 100 guests we can often do it with 10 LED Par cans These can be programmed for any color or can be setup to color-change between all kinds of brilliant colors, all night long. The difference between an un-lit and a properly Uplighted room is remarkable. Almost any venue benefits from Uplighting. There are a lot of wedding vendors who say that Uplighting is the single most effective decor item you can include.