How do you deliver my photos and how long will it take?

Delivery times can and will vary, according to where your wedding is in a busy month (June and October are the busiest times) or slow month. Generally, we try to deliver a "Sneak Peek" the following week after your event. We then edit and deliver in gallery order; "Getting Ready", "Ceremony", "Reception" and "Photo Booth" (if applicable). Each set is loaded to a separate gallery to make it easier for you. Final deliver of all galleries can range from 3 to 7 weeks. We do try to deliver and quickly as possible (we know you're dying to see your images) but keep in mind that "fast" does not equal "perfection". We want your images to be perfect and nothing less will do.

After all galleries have been completed, we will verify your mailing address then, we send you a thumb-drive with all finalized images, JPG format, and at the highest resolution possible. Our final images do not contain watermarks and you receive an Unlimited Print Release along with your print credit coupon (where applicable). You also have the option of ordering high-quality prints, directly from our website.