What are Live-Pics and how does it benefit my event?

Live-Pics(r) is a unique product that we invented. We usually begin with a set of pictures from the bride and groom (or birthday girl/boy), running in a continual slideshow. As guests arrive, we begin taking pictures and add those to the slideshow. As the night progresses, we continue adding pictures from the event, until the slideshow has morphed into only shots at the event itself. It's great fun and everyone loves to see themselves on "the big screen". And, after the event is over, we provide copies to you and yours guests, no extra charge. For the texting side, we have a phone number up on the projection screen. Your guests can then text in shout-outs or song requests, which come to our DJ. After reviewing the text (to filter out in-appropriate messages) any well-wishes get posted to the big screen. This is always a huge hit with your guests.