Online Planner and Song Requests (for you AND your guests

So you have the booking done, what now? About 90 days out, you will start receiving emails with a link to your Online Planner. This system walks you through the process of choosing your songs, structuring announcements, etc. It creates a timeline (schedule of events) that we will use the day of to keep things on track and as you want it done.

In addition to the Planner, we also give you two links to your Song Request system. One part is for you, our client and the other is a link you can forward to your guests, to allow them to make their requests as well (keep in mind that CLIENT requests always take priority). In addition to the requests, this system allows your guests to "vote" on their favorite songs. It's great fun and a great way to make everyone feel a part of your special day (this is important to the success of your event).