How does bundling services benefit me?

Fewer contracts = bigger savings and less hassle on your part. By being able to bundle services into a single package, we're able to offer greater discounts, per service. In addition, it gives you fewer vendors to deal with. Bundling also means you have a unified team, instead of different vendors that you hope will get along well and we believe strongly in hand-holding you throughout the process. With this team approach, we have multiple personnel on-site and each can backup the other. The end result, fewer things for you to worry about on your special day.

What is included with your Photography?

We realize that a lot of photographers play games with holding back digitals, making you buy their prints, etc. That's why we do things differently. On all photography, we fully edit all shots (no quickie edits), then deliver the highest-quality digital images possible. You will receive a full, unlimited print release on these shots. Distribute them on social media, take them to your favorite printer, or use our high-quality printing service, it's your choice. No additional fees involved. On all-day coverage events, we generally will shoot between 2,000 and 3,500 shots. From those, we select the best of the best and average delivering 300-500 edited shots

How do you deliver my photos and how long will it take?

Delivery times can and will vary, according to where your wedding is in a busy month (June and October are the busiest times) or slow month. Generally, we try to deliver a "Sneak Peek" the following week after your event. We then edit and deliver in gallery order; "Getting Ready", "Ceremony", "Reception" and "Photo Booth" (if applicable). Each set is loaded to a separate gallery to make it easier for you. Final deliver of all galleries can range from 3 to 7 weeks. We do try to deliver and quickly as possible (we know you're dying to see your images) but keep in mind that "fast" does not equal "perfection". We want your images to be perfect and nothing less will do.

After all galleries have been completed, we will verify your mailing address then, we send you a thumb-drive with all finalized images, JPG format, and at the highest resolution possible. Our final images do not contain watermarks and you receive an Unlimited Print Release along with your print credit coupon (where applicable). You also have the option of ordering high-quality prints, directly from our website.

What kind of equipment do you use for Photography?

We are Canon users, and shoot only with professional grade camera bodies. We always bring spare cameras and lenses, for backup purposes, in case anything gets damaged or broken during the day. For lenses, we have a wide variety of professional lenses. For lighting, we have an assortment of speedlites, as well as multiple Alien Bees strobes (an industry standard), along with an assortment of lighting modifiers (soft boxes). While we prefer to use flash units for most of our lighting, we also are quite capable with natural light photography. In short, we come over-prepared for any event that we photograph. Your event is in good hands.

Here is a listing of our photo equipment inventory:

  • Canon 6d, full-frame camera body (3 of these)

  • Canon 5d, mark 2 camera body (1 of these)

  • Canon T1i camera body (2 of these)

  • Canon 70-200mm, F2.8, stabilized lens

  • Canon 70-200mm, F2.8, non-stabilized lens

  • Canon 100mm macro, F2.8, stabilized lens

  • Sigma 24-70mm, F2.8, stabilized lens (2 of these)

  • Canon 24-105mm, F4, stabilized lens (2 of these)

  • Sigma 85mm, F1.4, portrait lens

  • Canon 50mm, F1.8, prime lens

  • Canon 50mm, F1.4, prime lens

  • Tamron 14mm, F2.8, fish-eye lens

  • Godox AD600BM HSS strobe (main portrait light)

  • Godox AD200 HSS (4 of these - 4-point system)

  • Godox V8500II speedlite (2 of these)

  • Yongnuo speedlite, YN565 (3 of these)

  • Yongnuo speedlite, YN568 (3 of these)

  • Yongnuo speedlite, YN600 (2 of these)

  • Yongnuo YN-14ex ring flash (for ring shots)

  • ThinkTank cases/bags

  • Manfrotto boom arm stand

  • Cheetah fast stands

  • 16" Beauty Dish

  • Several large softboxes (family portraits)

What are Live-Pics and how does it benefit my event?

Live-Pics(r) is a unique product that we invented. We usually begin with a set of pictures from the bride and groom (or birthday girl/boy), running in a continual slideshow. As guests arrive, we begin taking pictures and add those to the slideshow. As the night progresses, we continue adding pictures from the event, until the slideshow has morphed into only shots at the event itself. It's great fun and everyone loves to see themselves on "the big screen". And, after the event is over, we provide copies to you and yours guests, no extra charge. For the texting side, we have a phone number up on the projection screen. Your guests can then text in shout-outs or song requests, which come to our DJ. After reviewing the text (to filter out in-appropriate messages) any well-wishes get posted to the big screen. This is always a huge hit with your guests.

Are there extra fees, besides what's on your quote?

We believe strongly in being up-front with my clients and will NEVER nickel-and-dime you with extra fees and un-expected "gotchas." When you receive our quotation, it is all-inclusive. No extra charges for setup, tear-down, etc.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry an industry-standard $1 million/$2 million liability policy that protects you, in the unlikely event something should happen to one of your guests. In today's world, it can't be stressed enough how important this is in making certain your special day doesn't turn into a nightmare. You should NEVER hire a service that doesn't carry full liability coverage AND that will produce proof of insurance on demand for you.

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