Event Lighting Pricing

The best events are always well-lighted events. Uplighting provides a stunningly elegant effect that will enhance practically any reception hall or event center. When your guests enter into the room for your event, visual will play the biggest role in setting the proper tone (or ambiance) over any of the person's senses. It creates an initial impression and, when done properly, it raises the expectations of guests which is key to a successful event. When your guests come in, impressed and expecting a good time, it makes the entire night flow smoother.

Altie & Ross' wedding at The City Winery  Nashville, TN

Altie & Ross' wedding at The City Winery

Nashville, TN


Uplighting, also known as Perimiter Lighting, is useful for adding color and warm to walls and other architectural structures in your venue. Fixtures are placed close to the area to be illuminated, with the beam shooting straight up. This technique paints a beautiful column of color and light against the space, making it stand out and increases the depth of field for both photography and videography (i.e. you get better pictures). We use LED par can fixtures exclusively (these won't burn curious children) and generally place them against the wall baseboards, aiming up along the wall. They can be programmed to gently roll between colors or to stay on a single, static color or sometimes we might alternate between two different colors (one color, one white for example), depending on the feel that the client is after. These are used to accentuate wall space and room architecture and can be dramatic or sub-dued (sparse).


$500 - 10 Uplighting fixtures (recommended for less than 100 guests)

$900 - 20 Uplighting fixtures (recommended for over 100 guests)

$150 - Lighted monogram (gobo)

$100 - Cake spotlight

$100 - Head table spotlight

$50/ea - Leko pattern lights

$100 - Blisslight StarSystem Laser

$250 - Italian String Lights (per 100 ft segment)

$250 - Blacklight (glow party)

Cathedral of the Incarnation, Nashville, TN

Cathedral of the Incarnation, Nashville, TN


Lighted Monogram (Gobo)

A Monogram/Gobo projector is mostly used to project a monogram or phrase onto either a ceiling, wall, or dance floor. It can be as simple as a single-letter monogram or as elaborate as a full-color photo. Dance floor projection is most common but we can place wherever you choose, such as a wall behind the head table, fireplace or ceiling. The only limit is your imagination. This is included with every Diamond Package.

Cake Spotlight

Cake spotlights, also known as "Pin-Spotting" is used to highlight specific items such as the wedding cakes, ice sculptures, candy tables, table centerpieces, etc. Photographers especially love this as it makes the shot "jump off the page".