Jeremy & Megan on their big green tractor (Wedding)

This was one for the books both because it was so very challenging and very rewarding. The reception was held at the private residence of our Bride's parents in a large tent (100'X40') with roughly 225 guests in attendance. Setup and weather was the challenge here. The event called for DJ service along with our full lighting package; 20 LED par cans, cake spotlight, blisslight star system lasers and pattern gobos along the tent roofing. After arriving, we found that there wasn't enough power run which Megan's dad took care of with a generator. The LED fixtures and sound don't require a lot of power but the gobo fixtures take a lot so we ended up running the leko lights off the generator and everything else off land power. Here's a shot of the leko lights:

Purple was the color our Bride chose for the perimeter lighting but we ran into a problem after a pretty bad rain storm blew into the area and we discovered the tent sides had not been pegged down. Lost one fixture to the rain but managed to secure things and kept moving.

In the center of the tent, they did a great job with some sheer drapery work. We sprayed it with the Blisslights and it was sheer enough to punch through to the ceiling for an ultra-cool effect that everyone loved.

By event time, we'd managed to get everything in order and ready for our guests. When our Bride & Groom made their big entrance, they decided to make it in their own unique fashion:

And yes, the song selected was "Big Green Tractor". It was an outstanding and very interesting entrance. Towards the end of dinner, after looking over the crowd, we decided to pull out "The Shoe Game". If you haven't seen it, the Bride & Groom sit back-to-back and exchange one shoe each. We ask a series of questions such as "Who controls the remote?" and they answer by holding up the shoe of the person they think it pertains to most. This was great fun and worked perfectly.

Once we got into the dance set, the rest of the night was a blur and our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves the entire evening. I have to say, Jeremy & Megan were an absolute delight to work with. They both have such a loving and gentle spirit about them and we wish them all the best.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

(special thanks to Michelle over at B&B Portraits for the Shoe Game shot above)

Rick Ryan - - - Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting and Photobooth