Press Release: New Online Song Request system

Rick Ryan Entertainment is proud to announce our latest tool to make your event a memorable experience. Our new Online Song Request system is now online and ready for our clients' use. A key part of making any event successful is pre-planning. From the DJ side of things, that means gathering the information needed to create a timeline, also known as the Schedule of Events. For any event that we perform, our clients start receiving reminder notices about 90 days out from their event date. In addition to the Online Planner link, these notices now will include Client-access and Guest-access links to our new Song Request system.

"Why include guests in the song list?"

The easiest way I can explain it is; "To build a buzz." As we often tell our clients, "Song requests are vital in making your guests feel a part of the celebration. It's the glue that keeps them at the event longer and letting them have input on music selection really makes them feel part of the action." If it works so well during the event, why not use it prior to the big day to help get your guests even more excited about your Wedding? The link that we provide can be forwarded to friends and family and is designed to let them "vote" on their favorites. Here's a screen shot (not an actual event):


Guests (and clients) make their requests and can "Vote" on any song(s) to move them up the list (only 1 vote per request per guest is allowed). Your guests can come back as often as they like to see what position their request(s) are. The important thing is, it keeps them thinking about you and your up-coming wedding day.

Now in addition to the Guest-access option, we also provide a Client-access link. This one gets priority (hey, it's your wedding day after all) and any requests entered go straight to the top, although guests are still allowed to "Vote" for particular songs as well.

Another important part of any song requests that we get from our clients are "Do Not Play" (DNP) requests. These may be any song(s) that trigger painful memories or perhaps just are annoying to the Bride & Groom. As the entertainment provider, it's absolutely top priority that we protect our clients from anything that might possibly add spoil to their "Special Day". Additionally, we also segment the DNP list into two categories;

"Soft DNP" - These are songs that you'd really rather avoid but hey, if "Uncle Charlie" is just pestering you to play it, then go ahead.

"Hard DNP" - These are songs that absolutely, under no circumstance, should they be played at this event. In all cases, we give preference to our clients' wishes and will avoid these.

Keep in mind, that the majority of our clients don't need or provide us with a DNP list. It's only there because we're thorough and careful in our business. In this line of work details matter and we always "Sweat the details". The new Song Request system is now online is going out now with all new Online Planner notifications.

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