Hiring the cheapest DJ possible

I have a DJ friend who recently posted a phone call a friend, DJ Rick Roberts received recently. I believe it illustrates just how bad shopping on price-only can be. Don't let this happen to your wedding!

This Was a REAL phone call not a joke!!! Caller: Hello I need to talk to the DJ who Furnished music at my wedding! It was all F*%@ed up because of him playing music that was for a teenager’s birthday party and also not having any of the music that was requested at all!! The wedding was a complete shambles my Wife was not happy at all and not to mention to much rap and rock, it was a wedding!!!! What was the Idea of not even having a microphone no one could say anything we had to talk loud in order for everyone to hear I really want my money back and will not refer your service to anyone!! DJ: Ok sir for one when was your wedding? Caller: August 27th 2011 at the Herrington inn! DJ: MMMMM could I ask a few questions sir? Caller: Yes! DJ: one how much did you pay? Caller: $200.00!!!!! DJ: Could I ask your name so I may look this up on our records? Caller: Yes, It’s David C*&^%^^&s DJ: I do have you here calling me July 9 2011, and I quoted you $750.00 for a 5 hour wedding, but never heard from you again, so sir are you Randomly calling from a scratch pad with a bunch of numbers and don’t remember witch DJ it was??? Caller: OH, yes I am so sorry, my wife thought it was this DJ service that was there! DJ: I do understand your Pain Sir and I do tell people to Shop around Check backgrounds before hiring a DJ That is the Most important part of a wedding “Entertainment”! Caller: If I ever need a DJ I will call you, thank you for being understanding and hearing me out, that night was so frustrating and we have been so busy, I had no time till now to call, thank you again and Sorry! DJ: no problem sir you have a good night!!!

Rick Ryan - Nashville wedding DJ, Uplighting and Photobooth