Uplighting - What is it?

Nashville Wedding DJ, Lighting & Photobooth Uplighting - What is it? The best events are always well-lighted events. Uplighting provides an elegant effect for any event and is used to enhance your reception hall, lawn or event center. It makes a big difference, completely changing the ambiance or feel of an event. You may not think it makes a difference but it does. We've been offering lighting services, along with our DJ package for several months now. I'm realizing however, that a lot of people in our area aren't familiar with the terms and how it can benefit their event so I thought I'd blog about it to offer a bit of education on the subject. There are many different aspects to lighting jobs, and there's no way I could cover it all and still have you awake, so I'll just cover the highlights.

Uplighting Dictionary.com defines "uplighting" as follows: "a lamp, often a light bulb set in a cylinder or other container, placed on the floor so that a beam of light is directed upward." The most common method is to place a lighting fixture on the floor, along the walls, and shining light against the walls. In the past, uplighting has been done with incandescent par cans with colored gel filters (paper) installed, to get the desired color(s). There still are plenty of venues that use this method but there are two main problems with it; 1) the lights get hot, and children are drawn to them (a good recipe for disaster) 2) you only get a single color that cannot be changed during the evening. These days, more modern lighting contractors are turning to LED fixtures. That's what we use, exclusively. LED fixtures (at least the ones we're using) are programmable and can create a multitude of colors and shades and can even be programmed to roll from color to color (color change) or they can either flash or change colors to the beat of the music (audio activated).

Here are some pictures from recent events where we supplied uplighting:

The end result is a feast for the eyes. Add great music to it and you have a winning combination for creating the right ambiance and atmosphere for any event.

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