Michelle & Michael's Wedding - 12-6-2009

Had the pleasure of performing for Michelle and Michael's wedding at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, TN. They have a great little convention/meeting hall that really captures that "out in the woods" feeling perfectly. The building has a single, large room in the center, with really rustic, rock walls all around. M&M are one of the most pleasant, easy-going couples I've run into in a long time and after meeting them I knew this would be a great event. Given the ceremony and reception were being held in the same place, the room had to be reset for the reception. After getting the DJ and dance lighting rigs in place, I added in gobo and up-lighting around the room. Wow, does that rock wall ever make the up-lighting "pop"! The guests included a wide variety of ages, some local and many who'd driven in from Georgia, Wisconsin, etc. I had the chance to meet several of them and they were all great folks.

I wish all the best for the lucky couple. www.RickRyan.com