11-14-2009 Disco is not dead!

This week I headed up the Westmoreland to work at Debbie's big 50th birthday party. The family had rented the VFW hall there and the theme was Disco!! Now I know, this makes some people break out in hives but, honestly, this one was a lot of fun. A number of guys came in full leisure suits and large-hair motif and the girls came in an assortment of throw-back fashions that'd make any 70s child proud. As this was a surprise party, Debbie had no idea what was up until she was ushered in the door. Then, as soon as she'd gotten her bearings and over the initial shock she was treated to a rousing rendition of "YMCA" by "The Almost Village People". The rest of the evening was spent in grand fashion, with lots of pictures to show for it.