11-7-2009 Keri & Khanh's reception

My wife described it best, "What a lovely couple!" when I showed her some pictures from the up-coming montage. This was one of those events that remind me how much I love my job. First off, the venue. Mere Bulls is a fine-dining establish (calling it a restaurant doesn't do it justice) with few equals in the area and they handled this event with style and flair, in spades. Carlin was our coordinator from the venue and she was a delight to work with. She handled every detail with ease and never lost that smile on her face. The presentation they give at the table was superb and it's simply amazing to peek into the kitchen and see 150+ meals prepared and served (together), each one a work of art in itself.

Sound-wise, I have to admit, this facility is a challenge. The guests were spread out among 5 different rooms and on two different floors. Once I got final seating arrangements from Carlin, I made a last-minute decision to add sound in a 2nd room. This turned out to be a good call as they decided to have the toasts there, instead of on the patio where we were setup. It pays to be flexible.

After dinner and toasts we moved it out to the patio for the first dance. The couple chose Leona Lewis' "A Moment Like This", a great selection. Given the schedule had been thrown off a bit by a late start, Khanh asked me to do the bouqet and garter tosses, instead of dancing. I have to throw in a prop here for Khanh. He was an incredibly poised and "together" individual. It's always a joy to get to work with someone like him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent dancing, mostly by the younger crowd. We formed a "soul train line" and even had several from the wait staff who joined in on the fun. Great reception.