10-25-2009 gig log - Jenny & Jordan's wedding reception

Sunday evening brought the wedding of Jenny & Jordan. It was held at a simply gorgeous place in Hendersonville called Spring Haven. Kara and Kevin are the owners there and are marvelous hosts. After holding the ceremony at the front of the house, the guests all came to the rear area where they have a porch setup specifically for receptions. There were about 200 guests in attendance, my largest at this venue to date. No matter, Kara handled it like the pro she is and put on a quite-elegant event. I'd met with Jenny and her mother the previous week and she let me know she wanted a more toned-down event, without all the dance effects lighting. I setup a simple mirror ball with pin spots and a couple of color-changers to up-light the canopy. It looked very nice.

When the buffet line was opened, a long line of guests stretched out, passing right by the DJ stand. As they came by, I snapped pics and put them into the slideshow. It was a hit, to say the least. During dinner, I threw a few live pieces at them, as well some standard Sinatra and Buble. Very nice crowd and lots of smiles to go around.

Now this group was generally a pretty conservative group, however, after the first dances, I notched it up and put on some good dance numbers. It apparently struck the right nerve, judging by the squeals of delight and suddenly the dance floor was moving. I have to admit, I didn't expect it but those guys had some moves and really enjoyed themselves.

As evening approached, the temperature started dipping pretty hard and so Jenny eased up to the DJ stand and told me they were ready for their exit. The remaining crowd formed two lines and lit sparklers for the exit. Then Jenny tossed her bouqet from the back of a truck they were using for their exit. At the end of the evening I just had to smile, thankful to have been a part of such a cool, cool event. www.RickRyan.com