10-24-2009 gig log - Matt & Rachel

Well, this one turned out to be a bit of a challenge (I'll get to that in a minute). On Saturday, I worked a Wedding Reception at The Church of the Assumption, in Nashville. There were roughly 200 guests in attendance and it was a really nice affair. I rarely have to use a generator for electrical but that's what this one called for so I took the Honda EU2000 with me. Pretty standard fare, dinner hour while the bridal party members were getting photos. After the bride & groom made their entrance, Rachel asked me to kick it up a bit, Beastie Boys and some other hip-hop stuff. It was perhaps different than my norm but it worked and she seemed to be enjoying it. After about an hour of playing, the power kicked off. Now I don't know about you, but this is what a DJ's nightmares are made of. I got it back on as quickly as possible, about the time they were ready for the first dance. No other choice but just go with it and hope for the best.

Of course, again to my horror, it kicked off again.......DURING THE FIRST DANCE. Well, this is a first for me and I was literally sick for the timing. Needless to say, the Honda was sold earlier this week. No more generators (at least supplied by me). I grabbed an armful of extension cables, then ran power from the outside of the building. Not sure if we needed permission but hey, there wasn't time for that. Had power back up quickly, just as "Brick House" was coming on. Rachel handled it like a pro and just said "The moment's passed, let this one play." They had their first dance to it.

From there, the party took off like a rocket and this was a serious party crowd. I threw everything I had at them for 3 hours straight. They took it all and were ready for more. With the small(ish) dance area, I had a bunch of guests bumping into the DJ desk with drinks in hand so I had to improvise to make sure no liquid got into the laptop. I threw some papers over it and the mixer and ran the rest of the night with my hands underneath. I have to admit, by the end of the evening, I was worn out. Apparently around 8:30p, the neighbors had begun calling the police to complain and by 8:45p, the bride's sister came running over to tell me "Shut it down now! The cops are here!"

Like I said, these guys were serious party people and I got a ton of action pics. Besides the power drop, this is the kind of evening that makes it all worthwhile. www.RickRyan.com