Lisa & Brent - October 11, 2009 - The Factory at Franklin

This one turned out interesting. First off, the venue. The Factory at Franklin, TN. The Factory is an old factory (hence, the name) that was converted to a mall. To host parties/receptions, they have a fairly large conference room. The facility is laid out really well and I highly recommend it. No idea on price, but it's a great facility. They have a large stage setup and the DJ sets up to one corner. They did the ceremony, then during cocktails the head table was setup. Like I said, nice facility.

I took Matthew along as my assistant and as we're setting up I realized, oops, left my laptop's power supply at home. First time that's happened. No matter, pull out the backup unit and nobody (except Matthew and I) were the wiser for it. Just as I thought I'd seen my curveball for the day, a guy comes running up and tells me their arrangements for the ceremony music fell through. Given that I dearly love playing the hero, I gave my best smile and told him "No problem, I've got you covered."

The rest of the evening went off without any more curveballs. Good crowd and they had a pretty wide variety of song requests. I have to admit though, this was the first time I can remember getting requests for "The Wiggles" at a wedding reception. The little kids loved it and chased my the light beams on the dance floor from my rig, pretty much the whole evening.

I have to say, both Lisa and Brent were a delight to work with. I had the chance to speak with both of them throughout the evening and I wish them both all the happiness in the world. The lucky couple