Christy & Tyson - 10-3-2009 - Fort Campbell, KY

I dearly love it when I get the chance to work for members of our military and this week was the wedding reception of Christy and Tyson in Fort Campbell, KY. Christy is a 4th grade school teacher and Tyson is a recently back from a tour in Iraq. Great couple and they look like the perfect pair. The reception went off smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time but the funnier part of the story happened before the first guest arrived. As always, I left myself plenty of time and was headed for The Sportsman's Lodge. I still haven't figured out if the lodge is actually on the base or off. I didn't go through a check-point but did see some signs that said "You're now on Government Property". Either way, the trusty GPS wasn't quite so trusty and had no clue where this place was at. I was left trying to follow directions printed out from Yahoo maps. Problem is, they changed a bunch of street names since yahoo did their last update of the area.

As I'm following the directions (or trying to), I noticed I'm getting way out in the sticks. Went through a red light and a campground and then there was nothing.......for miles. About the time my manhood has finally let me admit that I'm truly lost I see a sign that says "WARNING: Explosive ordinances used in this area. Extremely Dangerous!" Oh crap, I've now stumbled onto their firing range and I can already envision CNN reporting on this idiot DJ that got blown to bits, obviously trying to stage a terror attack with his trailer full of lights and P.A. gear. Okay, I back-tracked, and fast, and finally found the venue.

The setup was a bit different given that I had several tables separating me from the dance floor area. (NOTE TO FUTURE CLIENTS: Put the DJ up against the dance floor) No bother, I set things up and got ready. Did a regular dinner set then brought the bride and groom in and proceeded with the first dance and parent dances. The rest of the evening went smoothly, although Verizon could barely find a signal, which made it harder to get text-message requests and shout-outs to the couple. Still, this was a fun group and they all had a great time.

By the way, thanks to The Sportman's Lodge and Ms. Lisa. Check them out. Her staff was excellent to deal with and very accomodating. I'd recommend this venue to anyone. Here are a few pics: YMCA

This was great. They wanted to sing along with the music.