New slideshow idea was a hit

I had the chance to work at a new (to me) facility this week and to try out a new idea I've been working on. First the facility. The Mill at Lebanon ( is a really interesting, and very large event facility, located at Lebanon, TN. Diane Parness is the director of the facility(s). Their website says they have 7 facilities, covering over 50,000 square feet. I can tell you that from my perspective as a wedding vendor, she and her staff were very easy to work with. The clients seemed well-pleased as well. The building we were in is an industrial-type warehouse facility with a really cool, kinda funky vibe to it. While the large room we were in could have hosted a much larger party, it worked perfectly well for the roughly 75-100 at this event. They do a nice presentation. Highly recommended.

Les (my 2nd DJ rig) worked down near Atlanta on Saturday at Gloria Slaughter's place, Washington Grass Inn. While I haven't spoken with him to see how it went, I'm sure everyone had a kickin' good time. He always does a great job.

As for the slideshow, no, slideshows are not a new idea. What is (fairly) new is to have a slideshow with pics taken at the event, live, as they happen. This proved to be a bigger hit than I even hoped for. The software worked perfectly and a number of guests made a lot of positive comments about the presentation. I also added the ability to take requests via text-message this week and that proved to be yet another hit for the party. At least my SMS inbox said so.

Another day, another happy client.