Tonight's gig - 7-25-2009

Worked a birthday party Saturday. Actually, a dual-birthday party. A mother/daughter combined birthday party, how strange is that? The party was at a private residence in Brentwood, very nice to be working local for a change. The family was a wide age range and man, did they like to dance! I can't remember any party, in recent memory, where the folks were as ready to roll as these guys and they'd be singing along (and actually knew the words) to practically everything I threw at them. Wow, these guys must listen to the radio constantly. Did everything from Black-Eyed Peas to Hank Williams (and everything in between) and they ate it up. This week was also the first chance to use the new projector (which arrived on Friday - thank you UPS). Wow, what a great little box! It's the first short-throw unit I've had and is a lot brighter than the projector I've been using. We started the party in daylight and this little dude worked just fine, even in sunlight. With the short-throw I'm able to squeeze in tighter to the screen and it'll be a big help on those gigs where space is limited.

As for the party, we ended up going overtime on it but that was just cool with me. When they're cranking like this one, you kinda hate to see it end.